Security and product quality,
a sector challenge.

Compliance with regulations for finished products is crucial in the dairy product process. Keep your quality consistent with Sage X3 Software, even when the market fluctuates.

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The ERP helps organizations obtain metrics that enable data-driven decisions while streamlining processes to increase business profitability.


Sage X3 offers a comprehensive view of your supply chain, including real-time inventory tracking and product profitability, helping to reduce environmental impact and achieve a clear and efficient business

All that a flexible software can do in the food industry.

Barcode scanning and reading help track the identity of ingredients processed in batches, control materials, and maintain quality standards.

Quality Assurance
and Certification


Besides being easy to set up, Sage X3 helps you comply with regulatory requirements and automatically presents business data that support proper billing management for your company.

Enhanced Visibility of
Business Operations

With an overview of your operations, batch traceability, and detailed, accurate information available at any time, you can identify the extent of recalls and prevent any contaminated product from entering the distribution chain.

| Our solutions are highly
tailored to the needs
of the Dairy Sector.

widepartner provides specialized vertical solutions for ERP SAGE X3 dedicated to the dairy sector, offering greater visibility, control, and traceability of financial, logistical, and quality operations, thereby enabling sector companies to integrate all their processes.

Our solutions have the capabilities to support the most complex business requirements, from milk collection to the sale of the final product.

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Key features of ERP Sage X3

Options for cloud and on-premise deployment, flexible configuration, customization, and scalability.

Precisely control your profitability and have a 360° view across various locations in real-time, meeting local requirements.

Obtain insights into collection management, allergen reports, specific functionalities such as recipe management, and many more...




A secure cloud solution with mobile access to data that simplifies your company's software infrastructure management and team workflow.

Treasury management, profitability, fixed assets, and accounting and tax processes


and Accounting


Bring your ERP, CRM, and supply chain processes together in one place for a quick and timely response.

Overcome market challenges with Sage X3.

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